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Forestry Equipment Finance

Arkle Finance can help you fund the forestry equipment you need to keep your business running smoothly.

What we finance

The forestry equipment we can finance includes, but is not limited to:

  • Drum chippers
  • Woodchippers
  • Garden shredders
  • Chipper shredders
  • Stump grinders
  • Electric grinders
  • Horizontal grinders
  • Tub grinders

With an £8.9bn turnover within the industry, forestry work is vital for supporting many trades all over the country. From managing woodland and taking care of nature, to providing timber for paper, construction and many other applications, it all starts with you. At Arkle Finance, we understand that the work you do is of great importance, and that you need the best equipment to carry it out.

We can help you to buy new forestry equipment such as woodchippers, shredders, chainsaws, grinders and more. Whether you need to replace broken machinery or invest in something new for your business, forestry equipment finance can help make the purchase more affordable for you.

Arkle Finance has helped many customers fund the forestry equipment they need. We have a wide range of finance products to suit your business, and we’re happy to talk you through them to ensure you choose the right one for you. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of our expert team about financing your forestry equipment, please call 01933 304789.

Refinance Options

If you already own equipment, Arkle Finance can help you with any refinancing you may need. Refinance is a finance facility offering a quick way for you to access the value of your asset and spend the money where you really need it. For example, you may need to carry out some refurbishment or maintenance work on your equipment or transportation. Refinancing this equipment allows you to unlock the finances you need to carry out this work. If you would like to release equity in an asset nearing the end of its finance agreement, contact us to find out more about the refinancing options we offer.

Why Choose Arkle Finance?

Here are some good reasons to select AFL as a finance partner.

Effective Service
Effective Service

Every day we set out to be prompt, diligent, flexible, straightforward, reassuring, and responsive.

An Attentive Team
An Attentive Team

A member of our team will personally answer your call quickly and ensure that your call is handled appropriately.

A Tailored Service
A Tailored Service

A member of our team will answer your call quickly, listen to your enquiry carefully and respond with the right facility according to your specific needs.

Great Customer Experience
Great Customer Experience

We provide a transparent, indispensable and inspiring customer experience, setting out to be prompt, diligent, flexible, straightforward, reassuring, and responsive.

Professional & Trustworthy
Professional & Trustworthy

We are ethical and trustworthy lenders who communicate clearly, without unnecessary jargon. We always try to lend responsibly and treat our customers and stakeholders fairly.

Straightforward Talking
Straightforward Talking

We will always communicate clearly and without unnecessary jargon.

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A lot easier to use and a lot cheaper than other similar companies

The process was quite straightforward. We were able to get the product that we needed. Arkle were a lot easier to use and a lot cheaper than other similar companies. 

Belinda Credland

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We know investment is important and that’s why we invest in our relationships. Before we can prepare your quote, we need to understand your circumstances and plan to acquire the equipment or vehicles you’re looking for.

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