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Energy asset finance

Energy conservation and the generation of renewable power is close to Arkle’s heart. So much so that in 2011 Arkle acquired a 200Kw roof top solar PV system located at our office in Wellingborough. Having started to provide finance for assets in the low carbon and renewables sector in 2010 it remains to be a key area of our focus.

Many became frustrated when the high street banks simply failed to understand renewable equipment and the benefits they could bring. Arkle recognised this opportunity and set about finding how best to support the renewables sector. Over time Arkle has gained considerable in-house expertise in providing finance for PV solar, biomass boilers, wind turbines and heat pumps, ensuring your preferred finance product complies with Ogem’s requirements. Arkle is a forward thinking funder when considering various forms of energy saving technology such as LED lighting, voltage stabilisers and emerging power storage technologies.

What do we finance?

We provide energy asset finance for PV solar, biomass boilers, wind turbines, and heat pumps. Our approach is to take part in detailed discussions with our clients which helps us to understand their requirements and then use our considerable in-house experience to help us identify and design the most suitable product for their needs. 

Wind turbine finance with Arkle Finance Wind turbine finance

As one of our specialist areas, we recognise the benefits wind turbines can bring and we’ve undertaken extensive research to enable us to support funding for turbines and other renewable energy equipment for more than five years. We can finance single 50Kw, 80Kw and 250Kw wind turbines.

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Biomass boiler finance Biomass boiler finance

A biomass boiler burns wood to provide heating and hot water. By switching to a biomass boiler, not only can you save on heating costs but you can also receive a government-backed income called the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for up to 20 years depending on your property type. Our funding allows you to overcome any impacts on your cash flow whilst ensuring you benefit from fuel savings for years to come.

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Photovoltaic (PV) solar panel finance Photovoltaic (PV) solar panel finance

As pioneers in the renewable technology fields, we understand the technology, government incentives and financial savings available for PV solar panels. Unlike a bank, we don’t take security over your land or buildings and your repayments can be monthly or quarterly over three to seven years.

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Finance options for LED lighting LED lighting finance

LED lighting brings substantial savings compared to regular lighting systems. They are eco-friendly as they reduce electricity consumption and save you money. They are lower maintenance because they last longer than conventional bulbs, and they give off less heat, making them ideal for cool environments such as cold rooms and freezers.


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Battery storage and voltage stabilizer equipment Battery storage and voltage stabilizer equipment

Arkle can help businesses finance battery storage equipment and voltage stabilizer equipment to save power and ensure electrical equipment has a long service life.

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