Stage Payment Funding

Designed for bespoke builds and extended installation projects, this is a short term loan agreement which allows the client to periodically pay for the costs of a build to the supplier without incurring the costs of financing the entire the build before the equipment is in use. It is most effective when deployed ahead of a more traditional form of asset finance such as a Finance Lease or Hire Purchase facility.

How it works

  1. Apply for an asset finance facility and request the approval of a Stage Payment Funding Agreement. We'll also need details of your chosen equipment supplier, the build plan and payment schedule. 

  2. Once approved and the documentation has been completed we you may drawdown the facility as agreed and instruct us to remit funds to your supplier.  

  3. At the conclusion of the build and following settlement of the supplier's bill, the asset finance agreement will be formally executed and begin. 

What’s so good about this product?

  • You remain in control of all the payments paid to your supplier at all times. Where the supplier receives all the payments ahead of schedule you may lose control of the process.

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