Light Aircraft Mortgage

Light Aircraft Mortgage

Arkle offers a loan agreement where the advance is used to fund the purchase of a light aircraft and where Arkle takes security in the form of a mortgage on the aircraft. With this product you can spread the cost of an aircraft over five years, and your loan repayments can vary in line with your seasonal income. The light aircraft or helicopter must be based in the UK at the time of purchase.

How it works

  1. Choose your new or used UK-based aircraft and submit

    an application for Finance to us. We’ll need
    to see ownership and registration document, as well as the
    Civil Aviation Register listing and a current Airworthiness

    Please note: The aircraft or helicopter must be listed on the

    Civil Aviation Register, have a current Airworthiness

    Certificate and be registered and located in the UK at the

    time of purchase.

  2. When your application has been approved and documentation

    completed we can advance the funds to you or the aircraft seller

     and start the agreement.


  3. After that you will pay a fixed number of loan repayments over
    a fixed period of time, along with fixed interest charges.

What’s so good about this product?

  • Spread the cost of the aircraft over 5 years . 

  • Your repayments can vary in line with your seasonal



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