We have developed a wide range of asset finance products which we have designed to be flexible and to suit your needs.

We work hard to find the right type of finance for you.

Types of finance

Here’s an overview of our products. To find out more just click on the product you're interested or give us a call and we'll help you to find a product that meets your needs. 

A contract for a fixed period of time ending on a specific date where payments are made in return for the use of equipment. With this type of agreement, you make payments in return for using goods up until a specific date. Our Fixed Term Rental agreement is ideal for short and medium life equipment as well as some vehicles. Typically, two to five year hire periods are available.


Similar to a Fixed Term rental agreement but aimed at longer life assets, a Finance Lease allows for the hire of goods for an agreed period of time where payments are made in return for the use of equipment or vehicles. However, at the end of the term the equipment or vehicle is sold and then your business can receive a rebate depending upon the sale price. Typical rental periods are between two and five years.

An agreement for a fixed period of time where payments are made in return for the use of equipment. Our Operating Leases can be used by education providers, as well as businesses. Some of the risk in the asset remains with Arkle and therefore the education provider or business incurs finance charges for a proportion of the asset cost.

Hire purchase is a traditional form of asset finance and a product which provides the client with the immediate use of the equipment or vehicle, whilst also permitting the option to purchase the product at the end of the period of hire for a pre-agreed sum. All other benefits and risks of economic ownership rest with the client.

Arkle offers a straightforward loan for purchasing equipment, services or computer software. This is ideal if you are looking to buy equipment that is not suitable for a Hire Purchase, Rental or Lease agreement. It involves paying a fixed number of loan repayments over a fixed period of time, including fixed interest.

Designed for bespoke builds and extended installation projects, this is a short term loan agreement which allows the client to periodically pay for the costs of a build to the supplier without incurring the costs of financing the entire the build before the equipment is in use. It is most effective when deployed ahead of a more traditional form of asset finance such as a Finance Lease or Hire Purchase facility.


A loan agreement where money is used to buy a boat and where Arkle takes security in the form of a mortgage on a boat. We are experienced in providing marine finance for those looking to purchase a boat or yacht for personal or business use. If you dream of owning a boat, whether it is a luxury flybridge cruiser, sports boat or sailing yacht, we're here to help. Typical boat loans and mortgages range from one to seven years in length.


Arkle offers a loan agreement where the advance is used to fund the purchase of a light aircraft and where Arkle takes security in the form of a mortgage on the aircraft. With the light aircraft mortgage, you can spread the cost of an aircraft over five years, and your loan repayments can vary in line with your seasonal income. The light aircraft or helicopter must be based in the UK at the time of purchase.


A fixed rate period loan agreement secured by a legal charge on a specific item of equipment or vehicle. Arkle's loan agreement is simple to understand and is typically used where a company is buying equipment which is not suitable for a Hire Purchase or Lease agreement. 

A form of security to ensure support for the return of equipment or vehicle to Arkle if required. 

Where the Directors or Shareholders of a company have been asked to provide a joint and severall guarantee, it might be the case that a Delivery Up Guarantee can be used instead.


A guarantee which is limited to a sum of money which is less than the total amount payable under a specific finance agreement.