Fire Suppression System for Taurus Waste

Posted On: 31 August 2018 Industry: Business

Taurus Waste Recycling Ltd

Finance Need:

Taurus Waste Recycling Limited runs multiple recycling facilities with state-of-the-art sorting and material recovery baled for re-use. The site in Farnborough approached Arkle for additional finance for a Fire Suppression System.

As a business that is highly conscious of the environmental issues facing them now and in the future, this Fire Suppression System would be a vital part of growing the business, in terms of:

  • working alongside the Environmental Agency to maintain the highest standards possible within the industry
  • influencing the availability and pricing of business insurance premiums

Due to the nature of the business, waste is continuously received throughout the day and the material remains in the building during the night and at weekends. Therefore, a substantial amount of water was demanded to address a potential fire in the building, making a fire suppression system a fundamental asset to the business.

The supplier, Wright Rain Environmental, established the water requirements for addressing a fire at the site-: determining the areas at most risk of establishing a fire as well as the flow and pressure requirements. Water storage tanks would have taken valuable yard space and the site is adjacent to a good river water source available all year round. The main power supply also comes into the site next to the river, before entering the building. Therefore a pumping, pipework, and controllable sprinkler deluge system was specifically designed to fulfil Taurus’ requirements.

What Arkle Did:

To help Taurus finance this purchase, Arkle Finance drew up a three year Hire Purchase agreement for a bespoke Fire Suppression system to be created, fitted and supplied by Wright Rain Environmental.

Arkle also provided a ‘stage payment’ facility. Wright Rain Environmental required partial payment prior to the installation of the system taking place which Arkle accommodated, paying the supplier the remaining amount for the Fire Suppression System upon completion of the installation.

From the Supplier:

“The only person I've had any dealings with is Pauline and she's been very helpful.  She's quite a lateral thinker and came up with some good ideas on promotions and contacts and things. They worked with a waste company that we were doing the installation for, so they actually paid us most of the money direct rather than via the customer which benefited us. We were able to talk directly to them so we could sort out the state of play from a cash flow point of view. We've subsequently done some finance for one of our JCB diggers and ultimately had a meeting in our office with our marketing dept who explore potential working relationships. Pauline has also mentioned one or two customers that might be interested in some of our services.” – Wright Rain Environmental Ltd.

Arkle Comment:

Taurus Waste have been operating in the waste and recycling sector for a long time and have built up an enviable reputation amongst customers and their peers. Arkle Finance were delighted that Taurus approached us to consider funding their new fire suppression system. This may seem like an unusual asset to offer finance against, but we recognise that sometimes our clients require non-mainstream assets in order to grow. In this instance, Arkle is proud to be able to assist a good, existing customer.

As part of our service to our customers, we contacted Wright Rain directly to organise the necessary paperwork. As the installation was scheduled over a period of time, Wright Rain were great at sharing information with us so that we were kept in the loop as to the progress of the project. We look forward to working with Nigel and his team at Wright Rain on future projects.

Taurus Waste
They do what it says on the tin

They do what it says on the tin; there's nothing hidden, and no stings in the tail. That's all we expect; we just want people to deliver whatever they offer us. We get finance from many different sources and Arkle is one of them. They're one we're quite happy with so that's why we keep business with them.

Taurus Waste
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