Holiday Lodge for a Private Individual

Posted On: 9 October 2019 Industry: Consumer

Holiday Lodge for a Private Individual

Finance Need: Our broker had previously supplied trucks for this existing customer who was introduced to Arkle finance for this new finance need. The customer approached the broker because he wanted to finance a holiday lodge at a holiday park in Wales. He wanted the finance to be in place ready for a family break in two weeks’ time.

The broker thought of Arkle Finance as a good fit for this type of asset and sent us a proposal.

What Arkle Did: We established that the customer had a long-established business, which was profitable and with a well-run bank account which could support the lend in question. This was approved subject to an inspection of the asset situated at the holiday park in Wales.

Because of the tight timescales our support team worked quickly to get the documents raised and our BDM Clare Peel offered to complete the asset Inspection so it wouldn’t delay the family holiday.

The Finance Solution: Arkle delivered the finance solution initially proposed by the broker, which comprised of £200,000 with a 20% deposit over 84 months.

Arkle Comment: We were delighted to be able to provide a finance solution for this family in time for their holiday in Wales. Both the broker and customer were happy with the outcome as we hit tight timescales thanks to support from all areas involved, from credit all the way through to pay-out.

I was delighted that Arkle were as flexible and knowledgeable about the asset as they were

I was delighted that Arkle were as flexible and knowledgeable about the asset as they were as this allowed them to package the acceptance how it needed to be done. As a team, they ensured that the “proposal - acceptance - payout” process was as smooth as possible, with clear lines of communication that ensured things happened when they were meant to. Clare was able to take on the asset inspection to make sure that payout wasn’t delayed and I was delighted with the service from start to finish. Most importantly, the customer didn’t even realise the amount of work going on in the background that made sure he could take his family away on their planned date!

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