Arkle Finance Preserving History With Turks River Kitchen

Posted On: 13 February 2020 Industry: Business

Finance Need: Turks River Kitchen Ltd. was presented with a great opportunity to own and preserve a slice of history when they obtained the Jesus College Barge from Cambridge University. This historical vessel was in need of preservation to ensure its ongoing historical value.


The Situation: This project has been in the making for the past few years as planning permission for the pontoon extension at Kingston has been obtained to accommodate the barge and to operate a café. The potential business opportunity was recognised as many of Turks ferry passengers would in the past request details of a café upon disembarkation. The renovation of the barge is being undertaken by Turks Shipyard, one of the best-known historic boatyards in the UK, and home to Turks expert boat and barge maintenance services.


What Arkle Did: Arkle Finance partnered with Turks River Kitchen Ltd. to fund the renovation of the barge and the extension of the pontoon at Kingston to accommodate the new floating café/deli.


Arkle Comment: Arkle Finance is proud to be part of the preservation of the legacy of this historic vessel and for ensuring that in years to come it continues to receive the admiration and appreciation it deserves.


Arkle Finance Preserving History With Turks River Kitchen


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