Companies Continue To Invest In Logistics

Companies can reap ample benefits from investing in new transportation. Increased reliability, peace of mind and productivity are all potential advantages to spending money on improving your fleet. Lorries and vans are essential tools for logistics companies, and it’s important that these businesses realise that buying a vehicle outright isn’t the only option – there are various types of asset finance which enable businesses to spread the cost of transportation so that their fleet can continue to bring in revenue, essentially paying for itself.

The Benefits of New Transportation

Many companies are investing in logistics all the time and seeing the benefits. London Concrete recently added eleven AF 8X4s to its operations to help the company to meet Euro-6 emissions compliance in the capital city. Container specialist Pentalver invested in 26 Mercedes-Benz tractor units with Active Brake Assist 4 technology as part of their commitment to high safety standards. And Longs of Leeds picked up 25 SDS curtainsided trailers from Ryder, helping them to continue delivering excellent service for food manufacturer Symington’s. These are just a few examples of how companies are reaping the rewards of investing in new transportation.

The Future of Logistics

With electric vehicles becoming more popular and self-driving vehicles getting closer to becoming an everyday reality, the future of commercial transportation is certainly looking interesting. Volvo Trucks unveiled its first electric truck, the Volvo FL Electric this month. With its 186 mile range, the truck is designed for urban distribution and refuse operations, and it’s the manufacturer’s first step towards providing sustainable electromobility for its customers. The Swedish group will begin selling the trucks next year.

Self-driving trucks, on the other hand, are a little further away but much less of a pipedream than they once seemed to be. In August 2017, it was announced that convoys of self-driving lorries would be tested on British roads by the end of this year. This could spell big changes for businesses in terms of workforce, and also in the types of vehicles that companies seek finance for. We consider the impact of driverless vehicles further in our blog post “Driverless Cars: How Could Businesses Be Affected?”

If you need finance to help you buy transportation or logistics equipment for your business, Arkle Finance will be happy to help you. Using asset finance to purchase transportation can help you to spread the cost, so that you can continue to keep your business functional without paying a large sum of money upfront. Contact us online using the form on the right, or call 01933 304899.

Companies Continue To Invest In Logistics

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