Is a Portable Building the Way Forward to Grow Your Business?

A portable building is firstly ‘portable’ so can be used in any location of choice and is easy to sell if and when no longer required.  Portable buildings can also be constructed off-site meaning there is little disruption to your workplace. The short production lead time required for a portable building together with the option to use environmentally friendly materials make it a firm favourite for many a business.  Add to that the relatively low cost involved and the portable building’s high versatility across many sectors and industries which could translate to a great choice for you. Read on to find out more about the benefits and how you can secure finance for your new portable building.


What are the benefits of using a portable building?

There are many benefits of portable buildings that people aren’t aware of. Most people envisage their rectangular grey portable cabin from primary school days, however, the aesthetics, features and appeal of a modular build has greatly evolved since then. Some of the key benefits include:


  • Timesaving – As portable modular buildings are constructed off-site the production lead time is significantly shortened. Modular building projects can be completed 30%-50% quicker than traditional construction methods. The off-site construction method means that a building can usually be built to your exact specifications and delivered to your site in as little as two weeks.


  • Money-saving – Portable buildings can be very cost-effective. For a price-conscious purchaser, portable buildings have a long lifespan meaning the purchase of a portable building for your business could translate to a long-term investment. Modular buildings can also be made to fit your exact space and budget requirements, so no financial outlay is required for architectural designers.


  • More environmentally friendly than a traditional build – Portable buildings are made to last, despite the preconceived perceptions many have. The production process also means less waste compared to traditional building methods. You can be sure that you are investing in a sustainable construction process.


  • Designed to specific requirements - A portable building can be manufactured and fitted internally and externally to your exact specifications, so your unit can be custom-built. In addition, materials used for internal walls improve sound insulation and fire-proofing;  modular building structures are also extremely airtight which ensures better energy efficiency.


  • Can be bought or rented – Portable buildings can be bought new or second hand; alternatively, they can be hired for long or short periods of time. This means as well as being able to meet your time and budget constraints, your new offices could be bespoke or be chosen from an existing design.


  • Business expansion that fits your site – It can be difficult to build on-site and fit a building into the desired area without months of major disruption. The beauty of building modular is that it removes most construction activity away from the actual site location, meaning you can keep your business running smoothly with minimal impact. Furthermore, if you want to expand your business, but have limited ground space, multiple-storey buildings are available so the build can be upwards as well as outwards.


  • Adaptable to a variety of sectors and industries – Portable buildings can be tailor-made to suit an extensive range of sectors including education, science, healthcare, commercial business and sports facilities.


  • Multitude of building finishes to suit your site aesthetic – portable buildings can be changed as and when to accommodate your changing needs, circumstances and building uses. A wide variety of external finishes are available also, so that your new building will not look out of place on your site.


Is a portable building right for your business?

In terms of business growth and expansion, a portable building is a highly beneficial option to save you time, money and hassle in comparison to the lengthy and expensive process of an on-site build.

Choosing to finance your portable office building with Arkle Finance can make the overall financial commitment even more manageable. With flexible portable building finance options available, find out how you can expand and grow your business. Contact us using the form on the right or call our expert team on 01933 304789.

Is a Portable Building the Way Forward to Grow Your Business?

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