Dreaming of Owning a Boat - Asset Financing is Key

If you always dreamt of owning a boat, your dream may be about to come true.  Few of us can afford to purchase large assets outright and prefer to spread the cost over a period of time – a marine mortgage from Arkle Finance may be the answer.  We finance new or used boats, in the UK or abroad. 

What is a Marine Mortgage?

As an equipment finance company, we finance the purchase of all sorts of equipment including business equipment, classic cars, light aircraft and helicopters while boats remain a firm favourite.

A marine mortgage enables you to enjoy all the benefits of boat ownership without the initial capital outlay; the vessel would belong to you from the start and we consider the vessel as our security.  

What types of boats can I finance?

Motor yachts, sailing yachts, cruisers and sports boats are our most popular types of vessel, however we do consider all types of craft including narrowboats, barges and widebeams. Here at Arkle we do not offer residential boat finance, however we consider most leisure and commercial vessels both for individual or company purchases.

The majority of our marine mortgages are supplied on vessels abroad, with the Mediterranean being a favoured location and our experience in this and the wider market safeguards our customers against the complexity of purchasing abroad. We know what to look out for and take our responsibility to our customers very seriously.

Buying a vessel in the UK is normally an easier transaction but we still add value by helping you through to completion in a smooth and competent manner.

Considering maintenance and ongoing costs

Owning a boat comes with ongoing financial commitments such as maintenance and running costs as well as marina fees.  These must all be factored into the cost of ownership, however by using a marine mortgage for the boat purchase you can spread the costs and make the overall financial commitment more manageable. With flexible finance options available find out how you can start living the dream.  Visit our marine finance page or call our Marine Expert Team on 01933 304789.

Dreaming of Owning a Boat - Asset Financing is Key

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