Can You Get Finance On A Caravan?

Updated 28th February 2023: Our new infographic shows our tips on how to get finance on a caravan so you can see our expert advice in visual form! 

Following the announcement of a nationwide lockdown during March 2020, a holiday seemed more appealing than ever. During the summer of 2020 with lockdown restrictions having been eased, continental travel was still largely out of the question and demand for holidays in the UK increased dramatically which fuelled the ‘Staycation’ boom.

Since then, the caravan industry has continued to experience unprecedented levels of interest.  Caravan manufacturers have worked tirelessly to keep up with demand against a backdrop of supply chain problems, whilst parks, as a result, experienced a degree of frustration over the lack of supply of new caravans.

In general, the sector is as popular as it ever has been and now could be the time for you to take the plunge and join the tens of thousands of caravan owners literally living the dream.


Can you get finance on a caravan?

Yes, you can get finance on a caravan! Arkle Finance has the sector specialist knowledge to help you buy your very own caravan or luxury lodge on a holiday park in the UK. The loan is secured by way of a Hire Purchase agreement and is a relatively simple way of allowing you to experience ownership for yourself. Using a loan for your purchase could also enable you to buy a more spacious or luxurious model than just using your cash resources on its own.


What finance is available?

At Arkle Finance, we will consider repayment periods of up to seven years and we have no upper limit on either the cash price of a caravan or the amount of loan advance, subject to serviceability and responsible lending. Arkle Finance is delighted to consider funding for both new and pre-owned caravans.

Unique within the specialist caravan finance sector is the option of a 25% balloon payment. This means that whilst you can buy your caravan or lodge now, you can defer payment of up to 25% of the capital that you have borrowed until the end of the loan, though you will have to pay interest on the whole amount of money that you borrow. This could help to make the monthly instalments more affordable and would typically be used where you are expecting to receive a lump sum in future from perhaps a pension drawdown or similar.


Can you make a group purchase of a caravan?

What if a group of friends or family members want to combine their resources to buy a caravan? Our flexible loan agreements can cope with such an acquisition and sharing the cost of the purchase could make your pound go further whilst allowing you to spread the cost of ownership amongst your group.


How do I locate a caravan park?

Parks can be located through one of the many specialist websites that exist, including UK Parks, which is operated by the British Holiday & Home Parks Association of which Arkle Finance is an associate member.

The website includes details of many holiday parks nationwide, along with useful information surrounding the entire buying process.


Are there any other leisure pursuits that Arkle Finance can fund?

At Arkle Finance we also provide commercial funding facilities for businesses to acquire static caravans to hire out for holiday use or to put on their caravan park ready for retail customers to purchase – this is known as stocking or show home finance. Similar facilities are also available for retailers of motorhomes and campervans.

Arkle Finance is a funder specialising in a wide range of asset finance and leasing products to support UK businesses and consumers. We help businesses large and small, as well as private individuals, to obtain business assets, such as equipment and vehicles, as well as more specialist assets like boats and aircraft.

Please contact us if you have any asset finance enquiries and our team will ensure you are looked after. Call 01933 304789 or contact us online. Alternatively, If you require more information, you can request a call back or submit a get a quote form.

Can You Get Finance On A Caravan?

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