Can Wind Power Really Fuel Your Business?

With rising CO2 emissions contributing to climate change, many governments have turned their attention to alternative fuel sources to generate power. One such source is the use of wind power, utilising natural currents to generate electricity. Technological advancements have drastically reduced the price of wind turbine technology, making them more accessible than ever to businesses, however are they a realistic source of power? As wind power is one of Arkle Finance’s specialist areas, let’s discuss how your business can utilise it.

What is a wind turbine?

There are two types of wind turbines tailored specifically to powering a business: roof-mounted and freestanding mast turbines. These turbines vary in price and size dependent on the power output and typically, freestanding turbines are better suited to powering a business.

Dependant on how your turbine is connected, the power generated is either fed back to the National Grid or directly into a battery which gives your turbine the ability to store electricity to use on wind still days.  A roof-mounted turbine is smaller than a freestanding pole-mounted unit and therefore produces less electricity.

Arkle Finance typically finance single wind turbines which generate 50kW, 80kW or 250kW of energy. These turbines are tailored specifically to cater for businesses covering a range of industries, such as hotels or farms. A freestanding mast turbine will provide enough energy to power your business with green energy, whilst cutting your carbon footprint.

Will a wind turbine save my business money?

Wind power is a free renewable resource utilising blade rotation to drive the turbine.  As such, the stronger the wind, the more electricity your wind turbine will generate. The generated power is plugged into your business’s main supply via a box called an ‘inverter’ which requires mains power to function and therefore power generated through your wind turbine would act as a supplement to your regular power supply.

The next step in investigating the value that a wind turbine can add to your business is to obtain an objective evaluation of your site by an experienced third party - caution don’t rely on your subjective impression of how much wind is experienced in your area.

Our team at Arkle Finance are specialists in this field and are available to discuss your options for wind turbine finance. Take a look at our dedicated wind turbine finance page to find out more or contact us using the form on the right.

Can Wind Power Really Fuel Your Business?

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