Choosing a Holiday in the UK – How Arkle Can Fund the Perfect Break

New research indicates that searches and actual bookings for holidays in the UK have increased by an average of 33% compared to last year. This may be because people are more cautious about spending on holidays abroad due to higher inflation or uncertainty fuelled by Brexit. Perhaps some people were hoping for a repeat of the hot summer of 2018 that we enjoyed here in the UK.

Regardless of the reasons, the popularity of UK breaks is on the rise and there are many ways in which you can explore our beautiful country. You could take a road trip in an open topped car with the wind in your hair or if you have a need for speed, try a motorbike.  You may prefer to get close to nature by setting up camp with a caravan or enjoy the comforts of effortless travel in a motorhome and be ready to start relaxing as soon as you’ve parked up. Both motorhomes and caravans are available in a range of size and specifications which is of course reflected in the price.

Some people prefer a camper van for being more cost effective than a motorhome. Of course it is smaller too which is a benefit when driving and parking, however less space is on offer inside and a table often need to double up as a bed. Converting a Volkswagen T5 or T6 can be an exciting project to create a vehicle customised to your exact requirements. However, if you don’t have the time or inclination for customising a camper van, you may want to consider the VW California, a purpose-built campervan which means you can hit the road straight away. We weighed up the options in our previous blog post "Why You Might Choose a VW T5/T6 Conversion Over a VW California".

A motorbike can also be an enticing prospect for those who like to hit the road and travel at their own pace whilst truly feeling like they’re part of their surroundings. Of course once a stopover is reached, accommodation and meals are an added consideration, however this is a small price to pay for ‘travelling light’ and of course if you’re a committed biker much of the thrill is in the ride.

However, why be confined to the roads and be at the peril of traffic congestion which may well eat into your holiday time? The UK’s many waterways offer a relaxing means of travel where the holiday is set against an ever-changing landscape punctuated by leisurely stop offs to visit a pub or to further explore the countryside. You may have always dreamt of owning a boat which may be a canal boat, luxury yacht or an exhilarating motor boat. A holiday on water can be as chilling or thrilling as you choose.

Arkle Finance makes all of the above options for holidaying in the UK a possibility - we offer finance for your new wheels or sails and put the dream within reach.

To find out how Arkle Finance can help you fund a new campervan (conversion), motorhome, classic car, motorbike, boat or another mode of transportation, call us on 01933 304789 or contact us using the form on the right.

Choosing a Holiday in the UK – How Arkle Can Fund the Perfect Break

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