5 great locations to enjoy your motorboat in the UK

Updated 30th March 2023: Our new infographic shows the top 5 great locations to enjoy your motorboat in the UK in visual form! 

Most dreams of taking to the water in your new motor yacht are married to turquoise waters and undisturbed skies. Those for whom this is a slice of reality, or who hope it to be in the near future, tend to desert their domestic origins for picturesque foreign seas, whilst overlooking the fact that Great Britain is still very much in the frame. 

Motor yachting, however, does not have to result in escaping abroad; our marine mortgages here at Arkle Finance are perfect for those who want to angle their sails closer to home and so we thought we’d give some of our suggestions on where motorboat owners can take their boats in the UK.


Loch Lomond

Starting off in the north, and with a shoreline of 153km, Loch Lomond waves the flag of motor yachting destinations for Scotland. Encompassed by a green Scottish countryside, dotted with hills, the Loch provides a stunning environment for those most northern motorboat owners.  Loch Lomond also contains a number of small islands, perfect for dropping anchor and taking in the stunning landscape.


Lake Windermere

Arkle Finance’s knowledgeable and experienced team are dedicated to finding the perfect solution for every client. So why not consider Lake Windermere as a destination for your newly financed motor yacht? Windermere is England’s largest lake and can be found in the Lake District, partnered by tranquil waters and scenic surrounding villages. Immerse yourself and your yacht in the extraordinary natural beauty, as you cruise across 17km of crystal waters.


The Norfolk Broads

But if the north isn’t your usual place of residence, why not the east? The Norfolk Broads provide a unique landscape for potential motorboat owners. With a total of over 200km of navigable lock-free water enveloped by beautiful marshland fields, this eastern gem is a boating paradise. How can it compare to overseas destinations? Well for starters the Broads boasts more miles of waterways than Venice and Amsterdam respectively, with a vast array of hidden spots only accessible by boat.


The Isle of Wight

Providing an abundance of clear waters and perfect views, the south coast of Great Britain is another popular theatre for experienced sailors. Arkle Finance also provides services for those more weathered boatmen looking for help to refurbish, upgrade or refit their boat/yacht.  From the famous Needles rocks to the renowned Lendy Cowes week, the Isle of Wight is the ideal environment for those with sportier tendencies or who just want to sit back and admire a slice of natural, British beauty.


The Isles of Scilly

But if you have a taste for the exotic side of the ocean, you don’t have to sail across the seven seas. The Isles of Scilly (pictured below) boast white sand, clear sea and a plenitude of marine life. Get active with a variety of water sports or take it slow and visit one of their sheltered bays. Float between the six islands on turquoise waters and lose yourself in the Caribbean-like scenery. Why fly hundreds of miles, when the Isles of Scilly are right next door?


With Arkle Finance’s marine mortgages, your dreams of becoming a motorboat owner don’t have to be a remote fantasy. Great Britain provides some of the world’s most beautiful and unique boating environments, so why look anywhere else? Call us on 01933 304789 to bring your boating dreams a little closer to home.

5 great locations to enjoy your motorboat in the UK

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