How Will You Improve Your Business This Year?

What are your business goals for this year? We’re well into 2017, and by now many people will have left behind their new year’s resolutions – their good intentions no more than a distant memory. But your business goals should be different. These are the things that will shape the future of your business, and help you to further strengthen your brand. So when you’re considering what you want to achieve this year and the budget you have to play with, think about how you can align your spending with these goals. Here are five ways you could improve your business this year, with a little help from Arkle Finance if you need it.


Increase Productivity

What kind of equipment do you use in your business, and what condition is it in? If your employees are working with outdated, slow technology, such as old computers or machinery, this could be negatively impacting your productivity – not to mention employee morale and customer satisfaction. What’s holding up proceedings in your office? What could be done more quickly, and what changes do you need to make to the way you work, or the equipment you work with, more efficient?


Ramp Up Your Business’s Security

Whether it’s the physical security of a high street shop or the digital security of an ecommerce site, safeguarding against threats should be a top priority for any business. Cybersecurity has been hitting news headlines more than ever before, and often for all the wrong reasons – don’t let your business be the subject of another hacking story this year. Investing in technology to keep your data safe – as well as your physical premises, employees and customers – will pay off in the long run.


Spruce Up Your Surroundings

Is a little decorating on the agenda? If your office or shop needs more than just a lick of paint, refurbishment work could help to improve employee morale, as well as how your customers perceive your business. Would new fixtures and fittings brighten the place up, or is the furniture looking a little past its best?


Improve Your Logistics

Is your fleet big enough? Do you have enough vehicles in your fleet, and are they fit for purpose? Or are they a little old, run-down, and ready to be replaced by more efficient models? Whether you are delivering goods, providing transportation services to clients, or travelling to meetings up and down the country, your vehicles say a lot about your brand, and more importantly, you rely on them every day. If shortening delivery times or covering a wider delivery area are your goals for this year, how does your fleet need to change in order to get you there?


Become More Eco-Friendly

Hoping to improve your green credentials? Even if wind turbines and solar panels are out of the question, there are other steps you can take to become more environmentally friendly. Just one example is battery storage and voltage stabilizer equipment, which can help you to save power, as well as ensure your electrical equipment has a long service life.


Whatever your business goals are for 2017, we would love to be able to help. If you need funding for a new asset, contact Arkle Finance online or call 01933 304791.

How Will You Improve Your Business This Year?

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