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What We Do

We have been providing asset finance and other forms of financial assistance to both businesses and individuals since 1997. Our lending policy is ethical and your needs as our customer are at the forefront of our business model.

Who We Work With

We work with over 150 introducers in the UK, including brokers, consultants, manufacturers, vendors and professionals, and these relationships are founded on mutual trust and respect. Introducers can login below.

We provide finance products within a range of sectors

Marine & Light Aircraft Asset Finance

Asset Finance

Many of us dream of setting sail or taking to the skies in our free time, while others even find a way to make a living on the UK’s vast waterways or between the clouds. We have helped clients to fund motor cruisers, yachts, helicopters, aeroplanes, gliders and more to make their dreams a reality.

Asset Finance

An increasing number of Local Education Authority (LEA) run schools and academies have turned to Operating Leasing to fund their new equipment. At Arkle Finance we understand education finance legislation and we will provide a lease which complies with the various rules concerning the evaluation of finance and operating leases.
Arkle Finance Energy

Asset Finance

Energy conservation and the generation of renewable power is close to Arkle’s heart. So much so that in 2011 Arkle acquired a 200Kw roof top solar PV system located at our office in Wellingborough. Having started to provide finance for assets in the low carbon and renewables sector in 2010 it remains to be a key area of our focus.
Arkle Finance Consumer

Asset Finance

When you’ve worked hard and built a career or business, there comes a time when you might like to treat yourself to something you can really enjoy. We've helped clients to fund a wide variety of luxury items including classic cars or motorbikes, motorhomes, boats, light aircraft or even a pair of beautifully handcrafted shotguns.

Asset Finance

Our first-hand knowledge of the UK market means we are well positioned to provide a variety of finance packages that can be tailored to meet your specific business needs. We look behind the financial accounts, get to know your company and objectives, and can provide clear options to ensure you’re able to make a well-informed decision.